Asgard Robotics is a company that will lead by example and that is empowered by our staff’s innovative designs and solutions through their eternal pioneering spirit. Our goal is to enabling people and small through large enterprises by transforming how they operate now and in the future.

Founded in 1984 in Fort Dodge Iowa, the basis for what was to become Asgard Robotics was developed from simple robots into the advanced robotic and automation control systems and incorporating Extended Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for transforming companies and entire industries into fully automated and robotic solutions.

We integrate robotics and automation for offering cost effective optimized solutions promoting sustainability, high quality and enhanced safety into every aspect of our business model. From quick growth to implementation of new ideas and development of complete solutions, Asgard Robotics is the place for you to be set free where you can let your imagination and dreams fly to new heights.

Asgard Robotics is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we do business while working to to minimize the impacts of our products on the environment and to increase benefits to the public at large.

Asgard Robotics is a values-driven company comprised of a worldly team with a unified and targeted focus. Our mission: to push the boundaries of what’s possible to innovate transformation into reality through Commitment, Passion, Innovation, and Endeavor to Persevere. Asgard Robotics is defined by the character and integrity of our people, our values, and our mission.

Wherever you see people and their dreams striving for more, you’ll find Asgard Robotics working to help them achieve their goals and innovating to help them realize their dreams.