Collaborative and industrial robots from Asgard Robotics are bringing flexible robotics integration and automation to manufacturers of all types and all sizes. Providing offerings ranging from material handling to assembly, from cutting welding to finishing, or whatever processing task you can think of, our family of robot arms, mobile transports, material movers or complete automation integration can assist you to achieve greater productivity to compete in an ever growing global market.


Screwdriving, Bolt Tightening, Screw, Bolt & Part Insertion


Mechanical, Laser, Water Jet, Plasma


Gluing, Sealing, Painting, Lubrication


Sanding, Mechanical & Laser Polishing, Bead Blast Polishing

Machine Tending

3D Printers, CNC, Metal Brake, Injection & Compression Molding

Material Handling

Packaging, Palletizing, Bin Picking, Kitting

Material Removal

Grinding, deburring, milling, routing, drilling