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Phoneline Reporting

Vs. WiFi and GSM Reporting

Phoneline Reporting


Phoneline reporting has been around for years and it has served the alarm reporting industry well. In the recent years, newer technology has made alarm reporting faster and more secure. We will discuss both options and see the benefits of new technology and how it can help keep you safe.


This means using the homes analog phone lines to send and receive alarm information. These lines usually come into the home alongside the electrical connections making them easily spotted. This is not ideal because they can be easily cut before a burglar enters the home. This would completely disable the security systems ability to call for help. 

The other disadvantage to phone line communication is if a burglar breaks into the home through a door they will usually have 60sec to find and disable the security panel before any alarm signals are sent. 

Both of these scenarios are not ideal situations for the ultimate protection.


WiFi and GSM Communication

The fastest and most secure alarm reporting technology today is through WiFi and GSM (cell phone towers). When an alarm occurs there are no phone numbers to dial or busy signals to worry about like with phoneline reporting. The signal is instantly sent and received.


We use GSM as a backup in case the WiFi lines are cut or the power is out. Any signal is automatically redirected over cellphone towers ensuring there any emergency can be reported in seconds.


Asgard Automation Inc. always has you covered with ADVANCED ALARM REPORTING. This is a service that is included with all of our advanced alarm reporting options. When your system is armed and an entrance door is opened a signal is sent right away. If someone destroys the system before the 60sec countdown the signal is already sent and the homeowner and authorities are still alerted. 

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