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In The Market For Home Security?

Why Not Choose The Next Level Security?

You would never enter banking info on a site that wasn't encrypted so why aren't your wireless sensors? 

With Lyric all of the wireless sensors are 128-bit encrypted for the ultimate protection.

Busy lifestyle? Late for work? Lyric has you covered. Never forget to arm your system again.


Receive notifications when your system is disarmed and you exit a pre-set area. Login to arm your system from anywhere.

Phone line communication is an outdated technology. Asgard Automation Inc. uses WiFi as the primary method and GSM (cell phone towers) as the backup for all communications. 

Receive notifications right to your phone when the dog walker disarms the system. 



24/7 Professional Monitoring from Canada

24/7 Professional Fire monitoring from Canada

WiFi-based sensors for greater security

Text and Email Alerts

Remote access to system functions

Cellular Communication

Automation Control

3 year

3 year

3 year

Bronze System

Silver System

Gold System

Video Recording

Yearly system health check for proper system operation and communication




Fire Can Spread Quickly

Have peace of mind that your pets and loved ones are safe when your not there. Our line of life safety devices can detect, smoke, heat, and CO2.

"Warning Carbon Monoxide. Move to fresh air"

"Warning Smoke Evacuate"



Stay Connected Wherever You Are

Total Connect 2.0

Log in to your system from:


  • The Office

  • On the Road

  • Or From the Airport Before your big Trip. 


With Total Connect you can do it all.

The best part is it comes standard with every system we sell.



Have an Extra Set of Eyes When You're Not Home

Lyric C2 Camera

Intelligent Sound Detection means you get a specific notification whether its a baby crying or a smoke alarm was triggered.

Lyric C1 Camera

Two alert zones will help stop intruders while ignoring things like ceiling fans.