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Electric Heating Bill Through The Roof?

If this is what your current thermostats look like then step into the 21st century and start saving money today.

  • Inconvenient

  • Wastes Energy

  • Less Comfortable Home

  • Modern Pulse Heating

  • Stylish Design

  • Save up to $638 per year while adding control from anywhere in your home.

Electric resistance heating is expensive when compared to other heating sources. It can be really cost effective to turn down the heat overnight or when your not home but that can be a hassle if you have more than one thermostat. Our system can turn down a maximum of six thermostats automatically overnight or when you leave the home. In the morning the heat will be back to a comfortable level. With the energy savings from our Z-Wave, programmable thermostats they will pay for themselves in no time. Along with being remotely controllable our high voltage thermostat also implements pulse heating. Instead of turning the heat on full blast then back off when the desired temperature is reached, it will pulse on and off. This results in a more even heat throughout the room combined with more efficient energy management as well.