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Your Home is Your Fortress, Why Not Have The Same Protection?

Arming Options:


  • Away - when leaving the home "Arm Away" is enabled, this provides great protection against burglars because all of the sensors have an instant trigger except the entrance doors. Any window contact, motion sensor or glass break sensor provide an instant trigger when violated.

  • Stay - during the day "Arm Stay" is enabled, this sets all perimeter sensors while bypassing the interior ones, such as motion sensors. You can move freely inside the home while still being protected from intruders.

  • Instant - when this mode is selected, the system is armed the same as the stay mode except there is no entrance delay. "Instant" is usually used when everyone in the household is home for the night and no other visitors are expected. If an entry door is opened it will cause an instant alarm instead of giving a 60sec delay before the alarm.

  • Night - when armed for "Night" certain zones that are normally bypassed during "Stay" will be active. Normally lower-level motion sensors will remain active while ones between bedrooms and bathrooms will still be bypassed. This provides the best protection for the home while still allowing the owners to move around upstairs.

  • Maximum - usually used when extended periods away from the home are expected. Before a vacation, you may want to "Arm Maximum". This will arm the entire system with no delay on any zone. If any zone is violated the system will send an instant alarm, even if it is an entry door. Don't worry about setting off the system when you return - just use the Honeywell app that is included with every system.