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Smart & Secure.

24/7 Canadian Monitoring

Professional Installers

Personalized Security Systems

Safest Equipment Available

Honeywell Lyric

Introducing Honeywell's newest security and automation platform.

Find out why to choose Lyric

Five Arming Options

Have you ever wondered if there were more options for arming your system than just "STAY" and "AWAY"?

Asgard Automation Inc. wants to keep you as safe as possible that's why every system comes with five different arming options. 

  • Stay

  • Away

  • Night

  • Instant

  • Maximum

Comfort, Safety, and Security

Whether you want to adjust your thermostat from your phone, monitor your home while you're away or have a state of the art security system. Our professional installers make it simple to make your home, a smart home. 

Professional Installation

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40% of Insurance Claims are Due to Water

Water damage can be a huge hassle to clean up. Your life is busy enough without having to deal with unexpected events. Asgard Automation Inc. has a full line of water detectors and water valves to help keep your home dry. 

Honeywell Lyric System

Honeywell Lyric is a wireless connected platform designed to simplify home comfort, security, and awareness by controlling connected home products with a single app. Individually, each product performs brilliantly. Together they're a way to orchestrate life.


Asgard offers different home security and home automation packages that will meet your families needs for convenience and safety. 


Feel secure with 24/7 & 365 Monitoring

One key component of a good alarm system is a great monitoring team. There is no point of calling for help if there is no one listening. Our monitoring team is ready 24 / 7 / 365 to respond quickly and accurately to any alarm situation.

We provide 2-way voice communication right to your alarm panel. If it’s a false alarm we can talk you through it or if it’s an intruder we can scare them off by telling them the police are on the way.


Asgard Automation believes reliability is paramount when your families safety is on the line. That’s why our systems communicate over WiFi as a primary and GSM(cell towers) as a backup in case the WiFi is down or the lines are cut. We have you covered on all bases.


A Pipe Leaking Due To Freezing